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Lehrmann GmbH is an independent company based in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Active cooperation with European customers and leading manufacturers has given us extensive market knowledge. 

In the development of our products, design features of bread slicers from different manufacturers were taken into account. Therefore, the offered machine knives are suitable for different bread machines. All bread knives are manufactured on Europe's most modern equipment - a fully automated production line - and are subject to strict, computer-controlled quality control at every stage of production. Special attention is paid to the quality of the toothing and the welding technique. A special tooth-grinding system is used in the production process, so that it is possible to sharpen the knives specifically for the type of bread being cut.

The focus of our product developments is always to improve the workflow for our customers and business partners.

Our fifteen years of experience and work with customers crystallises in our company philosophy - the establishment and expansion of stable, long-term and trusting relationships.
The quality
Our innovation and tradition guarantees that every product of the LEHRMANN brand meets the high quality standards of the food industry and has passed a multi-stage inspection.
Service and Solutions
A single knife for the bread slicer or band blades for an entire bread slicing line with packaging - we provide you with differentiated advice and offer you optimal solutions for your requirements.
Your reliable partner
Our many years of experience and work with our customers and business partners is crystallised in our company philosophy - the establishment and development of stable, long-term and trusting relationships.
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