Baking sheets, baking molds, and machine accessories for bakeries

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Perforated sheets / Baking sheets
In our regular range, you will find both coated and uncoated baking and perforated sheets.
Loaf pans
We offer a wide selection of loaf pans in various dimensions and designs.
For optimal preparation, secure transport, and an appealing presentation of your cakes.
Sliced cake pans
Round dough troughs
Dough troughs for quick and flexible use in the suspensions of various proofer manufacturers, such as WP Haton and Gostol.
Square dough troughs
Dough troughs for flexible and rapid use in the suspensions of various proofer manufacturers, such as Benier and Glimek.
Perfect for efficient daily use of dough sheets with your dough dividers and rounders, such as Eberhardt, Fortuna, Daub, and other manufacturers.
Dough dividing disc
Proofing trolley
We custom manufacture proofing trolleys to fit well-known manufacturers such as Miwe, Wachtel, Winkler, Wiesheu Revent, Sveba Dahlen, Unox, etc.
Felt tubes
Special felt tubes made of technical wool felt for the lubrication of knives in various bread-slicing machines. Standard sizes are available immediately from stock.
Hot stamping foil for high-quality labeling of labels and packaging to ensure clear identification of your products.
Thermal transfer foil
We are happy to assist you
Your specialized service for supporting customers and business partners.
Customized solutions tailored precisely to your baked goods.
In our standard range, you will find baking sheets/perforated sheets, baguette pans, loaf pan sets, proofing trolleys, and slicing pans.
Our coating technology allows the application of special coatings on baking molds, baking sheets, bread slicing blades, providing individual solutions for various surfaces.
Custom coatings for baked goods
and machine parts in the food industry.
Professional advice and suitable accessories for your bakery machine.
We help you find the right product for your needs and ensure prompt processing of your orders and inquiries.

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