Customized Dough Troughs / Dough Mesh Bags for Proofing Cabinets and Pre-proof Cabinets
  • Compatible with well-known brands of intermediate proofers such as WP, Benier, Glimek, Gostol, König, etc.
  • Material and construction for durability and resilience in daily operations
  • Individual solutions for unavailable proofing cabinets of certain brands
  • Excellent air permeability around the dough through the open mesh
  • The dough trough features an optimized hygiene design that allows for improved and effortless cleaning and replacement.
  • The flexible edge frame facilitates faster insertion and removal from the tray.
  • The optional version of the dough trough includes UV exposure and antimicrobial treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria and hand-applied bacteria.
  • Metal-detectable frame, optional blue nylon basket, optional white or blue mesh.
  • Different colors available upon request
Frame main dimensions
Suitable for machines
122 (10)
210 x 200 mm
Fits Benier proofer trays 6,8,10 fold
122 (20)
210 x 200 mm
Fits Benier proofer trays 12 fold
122 (30/31)
188 x 188 mm
Fits Ter Haar, Gefra/Sottoriva, Ooms a.o.
122 (60)
185 x 200 mm
Fits Glimek, Kemper, Globe a.o.
122 (40)
168 x 187 mm
Fits Peeters, APV, Baker Perkins, Gouet a.
  • Dough carrier insert for bread production lines, hanging cup, mesh bag, dough trough
  • The flexible frame of the troughs simplifies the insertion and removal of the trough, leading to a faster conversion process and time savings.
  • The plastic frame specially developed for this application has a slightly greasy surface, reducing dirt adhesion.
  • The UV version includes an antimicrobial additive that inhibits bacterial growth and kills hand-applied bacteria.

Optional Equipment (Additional Options)

  • The version equipped with UV exposure features an antimicrobial additive that inhibits bacteria growth and kills hand-applied bacteria.
  • Flexible frame: This trough has a frame made of flexible material that can be easily pressed. This significantly simplifies the insertion and removal of the trough, resulting in a faster and time-saving process.
  • To enable improved sorting, various colors are available upon request.
  • It is possible to order the nylon basket with a blue-colored, metal-detectable frame, combined with white or blue mesh.
  • In addition to our standard products, we also offer customized dough troughs to enable individual solutions.
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